Shop polices

Payments Polices:

What payment services do I use?

I use paypal under a business account that is set up exclusively for setting up my own business polices that I have set up. All invoices, your information, exchanges, refunds, disputes, or any issue about purchasing will be processed through their services which I have set it up with my own policies that I have a link under each listing for more details.

Shipping polices

Processing time for prints please allow 1-2 weeks

For shipping within the US, I usually use USPS Priority Mail or sometimes FedEx. For smaller prints, postcards, and other small items, I use USPS First Class Mail. Prints shipped with the USPS Priority Mail typically take 3-4 business days to arrive to their destination. USPS First Class typically takes 3-5 business days. For any custom orders such as metal art or canvas I will try to use FedEx or UPS Ground Shipping, (do to I live in a small town we don't have any main office only mail box stores. So it might take longer than USPS because the pick up times are limited to only certain times a day.) 
Shipping internationally: The delivery is different then US and is only shipped Regular Ground Mail and can take up to a week. My one policy is that after it hits customs and goes on to the destination I am not responsible for what happens after that. I have no way of tracking it. I won't be able to honor any shop policy because of the way customs works and that would be my only agreement to ship internationally. We can always find a solution should any issues arise.

Packages shipped via Priority Mail, FedEx, or UPS Ground will include tracking information, estimated date, and if $50 or more in value, insurance will be added as well.  I will contact you with all the details and information of your shipped order.

Packaging details:


White, Deluxe, Kraft, Jumbo easy-fold mailers are the different packaging shipments I use because of the special features and protection it gives specially for these products.

Easy-Fold Mailers dimensions range from L 7" x W 5" inside depth 1/2"-2" - L 24" x W 24" inside dimensions 1/2"-2".
Kraft Easy-Fold Mailers: L 7" x W 5" depth 1/2"-2" - L 20" x W 16" with 15 to 35 lbs.
Jumbo White Fold-Over Mailers: (fold sides over, insert product, and tape flap for easy shipping) L 20" x W 16" - L 39" x W 26" 14- 43 lbs.

Prints started at size 13" x 19" are sealed inside a cellophane package to protect against moisture damage and then put into these special packages made for each special product. Some are packaged with the standard USPS boxes and envelopes they provide. If you are fine with the larger prints packaged in a sealed tube then please contact me. My issue with packaging is to do the best I can to ensure a safe delivery. I always package either wrapped in plastic or tissue paper to secure it.

Specialty custom orders:

For more fragile artwork like canvas prints or any metal artwork would depend on certain conditions that we would discuss about before any payment issued.






Shop policies for Etsy Shop items

Shipping policies:

Upon receiving your payment products are shipped as priority mail where it is about 1 to 2 days which includes a tracking number, insurance, and a date that it should arrive by. I will send you the details via email or PayPal with instructions on what or how to reassemble items that I feel is the best way to ship sometimes by package anything that has a chance of making the product or item not stay together. For instance, gift sea kelp baskets which I think wrapping every gift item into tissue paper inside a smaller box and put along the length of the box with bubble wrap to separate them where it's nice a secure. I use most of my items as a flat rate shipping cost for priority mail. Some items of shipping costs might be adjusted to fit the best or inexpensive in which I will explain under the description of the item.


Shipping flat rate in different sizes are as follows

  • Padded envelopes: small $6.45 10" × 6"
  • $6.80:  12 1/2" × 9 1/2" 
  • Small packages: $6.80.                                                                                 measurements:                                                                                                           outside:  8 7/16" × 5 7/16" × 1 3/4"                                                                                 inside: 8 5/8" × 8 3/8" × 1 5/8" 
  • Medium packages: $13.45.                                                                         measurements: outside€ 11 1/4" × 8 3/4" × 5 1/2"                                                                                            inside: 13 5/8" × 11 7/8" × 3 3/11".
  • Large packages: $18.75.                                                                             measurements:                                                                                                           outside: 12 1/4" × 12 1/4" × 6"                                                                                       inside: 12" × 12" × 5 1/2"

Measurements of boxes are

  •  the longest side of the box 
  • Girth is measurements around 
  • The thinness of the package

Example:   Length + girth = 108" 



*Custom shipping/internationally:

 I don't do international shipping but I changed it when my customer was dead set on buying my sea kelp basket. I do have a separate policy from my regular shipping when it is international shipped.  If  you contact me with my policies and guidelines then I will do my best to have the shipping cost almost exact price because I go down to the post office with the item packaged for shipping but I wait to tape it after I get the price and the transaction is complete. The reason it might be a little more is because the tape adds weight which the cost goes up. That was crazy thing ever!



I will refund any item that is damaged, broken, or lost during delivery within 15 days of payment, If an item is lost you can decide on another item or a refund but please remember each item is unique and not able to be replaced or duplicated Please send back broken, damaged, or not what you wanted so I can have you choose another item or if you like a refund of your money.



Custom orders:

I can make customs orders which I work on when we finalize the details and will keep you informed on how it looks with photos to ensure it is exactly what you are wanting. It will be 3-5 days at the latest to complete the item. I will do every custom order as soon as the agreement and 30% of the cost of the amount of the item you are purchasing and  there is a non-refundable fee if you decide to not purchase it. It is for his time I had to spend on it and of course, still finish it with the fact that I try to keep in contact with emails and images of the process to ensure it's what you want. it's being or is a finished product. I will need special things listed to complete your order they way you would like it. I will e-mail a list to fill out of things needed to complete it to your liking.  I will try to have or find certain decorations that are not always available or no longer in the stores I go to.

*(I'm willing to do wholesale pricing for a bundle of items purchased at the same time and consignment as long as it's in writing.)


Packaging of products:

Sea kelp baskets:

  • Wrapped in multiple layers of tissue gift wrapping paper
  • Each of the boxes are sized to fit 3 inches on each side more than the baskets size with shredded papers or bubble wrap

gift baskets: 

you can ship them in two ways:

  •  As a whole gift basket wrapped with special wrapping for gift baskets only or 
  • I can place each item wrapped individually with instructions on how to assemble it.


Other products:


  • any product sold without any assembling needed is packaged with tissue paper, bubble wrap, and/or shredded paper.
  • boxes assigned to make the best way to ensure each item shipped
  • wind chimes: fit in boxes as long as the length of each item so the stringed parts of each strand won't get tangled up.
  • instructions mailed inside and emailed if need to on any item.