Photography Prints F&Q Policies

My photographs are a great way to bring a little outdoors to your living room walls, in your home office or work place, and even in your bedroom or bathroom for a special touch decor style. The photographs also make wonderful gifts for the nature and garden lover in your life. Thanks for looking at my work and hope you enjoyed the picture.


All photographs are ©copyright protected and you have to sign an agreement if you decide to purchase any of them. It has metadata embed in details about copyrights with information relevant to each photo I have to do this legally.


What sizes are available?
5x5, 5x7, 8x8, 8x10, 10x10, 11x14, 12x12, 16x20, 20x30 Simply select the size you want from the drop down menu and add it to your cart. If you don’t see the size you need, please contact me and I’ll be happy to get you what you need.

What print finishes are available?
Glossy, semi-glossy or lustre, metallic, and matte canvas is also available with prices not listed.

Are they framed or matted?
Photos come un-framed and un-matted. You are purchasing the described photo. Only of you contact me I will work with you as best I can if needed.

What if I want it cropped to fit my size? Does it look the same?
Depending on the size you choose, there may be some vertical or horizontal cropping. You can contact me for more details. sizes are about 11x14, $95.00, 12x16 $115.00, 16x20 $160.00

What sizes in canvas are there? sizes are about 11x14, $95.00, 12x16 $115.00, 16x20 $160.00. If needed any other sizes it can be arranged to give details if interested.


Your print will be shipped in a sturdy flat photo mailer or if it’s larger, it will be rolled and shipped in sturdy photo tube. Please allow up to two weeks or more for delivery. Canvas are in sturdy special boxes made for shipping items like canvas.


Introducing handmade photo cards

As a photographer when I travel to a place and it might be 2 hours away, not the greatest day. Photography is a hit and miss sometimes. Then there's the best day and I take pictures in the 100's +. But what can I do with the same landscape but maybe the angle is just off to the side and the other one isn't. I have to pick and choose. Or like my flower gallery. I took 100 if not close to it. Check it out. I have no idea how to find out what I have posted because they are so close in relationship that it's confusing. I see flowers everywhere.

Point is that my photos are great especially the flowers. Here's an example:


The flower is a kind of rose which I found out that I forgot to get the names at the garden center while they let me take pictures. My mom has 4 books of gardening and the big book of everyone. They start to look all alike.


Products information handmade photo cards 

Every photo cards, stationery, and posts cards have a list of descriptions for each products because of how the different ways and printing works on them. You will get a breakdown of a pricing chart, photo finishes, each set sold in bulk, and the details on what to except when you order these products. These products are not digital downloads but in fact I don't think it should be that only sent to you via USPS because the more you have to do on a special day isn't what I feel you need. I will only need a few information and custom orders that you fill out the details and then I have a professional printing that is the best the photo cards would turn out to look very elegant. There are two finishes "glossy" or "Matte".  If you would like something else then those again please contact me because the pricing varies. 

Invitation and announcements custom description, pricing, and sizes for each set

As you can see I have listed mockup cards to give you an idea what the template would look like and where I plan to put in your personal custom name, time, date, location, and any customized message. If you want to have more adjustments that are customized please contact me. 

Wedding invitation sets

  • Invitation 5"x7" flat

  • Invitation 5"x7" flat folded (note* that not all of the products would look as nice folded)

  • RSVP card 4"x8" Flat

  • Thank you for coming card 5"x7"

  • Announcement engagement card 5"x7"

You have your choice of which set of custom handmade wedding photo card sets you want. You can pick all or one, two, and so on. There will be more and more added to my shop every month (I hope). The pricing is a little more tricky because of so many variants. I priced a list made of two pairs of wedding cards and the quantity for each of the list. Now if you want the bundle then please contact me to get the details via email and work to make the best possible outcome that we both are happy with your purchase and your custom order form is what you wanted.


Custom photo cards

This idea to start using my images to give a variety of products to fit all my customers was actually mot my idea but my Mothers (please don't tell her). Over the past week I have been designing them along with how I wanted to sell them. Most of the ones I saw are digital downloads that you have to print out yourself. That isn't what I choose to do for my photography business period. Now let's get down to the Q&A and F&A.


Custom orders

Please read this entire page on my personal polices when it comes to custom orders. I write up the custom order form sent it via email for you to agree the key points when dealing with my own photographs, need the information in writing that we agree on and then the finally stage is what custom content to add and I have already made one for the wedding invitations. You have to put a non-refundable 30% of the entire package before I can start making them. 

If you are international then if you want to any product in my shop that I can't track it once it hits customs and then that's where I have no responsibilities over any order. It's at your own risk to take. I usually don't do international orders. Only custom orders that means I have no shipping or my site isn't international.



My feeling on the way it should have no flat folded. It should be only one sided and the backside can be a nice color that accents the cards.

what information is needed

  • Name of parents (or host of wedding) exactly as you would like it to appear

  • First name of bride and groom

  • Full date of wedding

  • Time of ceremony

  • Location of ceremony

  • Full address of ceremony venue

  • And any additional information

Pricing for invitation and RSVP only


Date of RSVP by
Any additional information needed

Quantity and Pricing

25 set $175.00
50 set $225.00
75 set $325.00
100 set $385..00
150 set $500.00
200 set $625.00

Making different wedding cards sets

I have made some new additions to my handmade photo cards that I would like to give you the option of the whole set or 2 sets wedding cards sets. Everyday I spent to make a better way to give my customers the best products with my photography that gives more choices and options to consider what you find the best choice.



Invitations and announcements events

  • Birthday

  • Opening Business

  • Moving

  • Baby shower

  • Graduation

  • Anniversary

  • Any special events


easy to purchase and no waiting

As you can tell everyday I have been making new changes and adding new products. I love traveling and capturing the beauty I see in all things but when it comes to selling them its not something that I know a lot about because I'm new to my own website shop. On Etsy, my shop was easy to set up and with their way of setting it up to only fill in the questions not making your own.

Digital downloads

I have a growing selection of great photos for using with any online business. You can always ask me if you see one not in my shop but in my portfolio you would like and we can work together to find the best solution. These are for back drops, backgrounds, card design stock, social media templates, and anything you can do with them.




If you want any custom cards added to this set please contact me and we will work together to figure out the best plan.